When I was a teenager, I felt like we were always being stereotyped as being very intense, and dramatic, and passionate, and hopelessly romantic, and excitable... I hope you never lose those things.

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Taylor Swift performs Mine on Live with Regis and Kelly

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Taylor Swift’s Autobiography (x) | Part 1/?

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Sometimes when you’re caught off guard by extreme feelings…a lot of times you don’t say exactly the right thing in that moment. And for me, I walk away from those situations thinking, ‘Now I know what I should’ve said!’ And at that point the only thing I can think of to justify those moments is to write a song about it.

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it was rare, I was there…

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Taylor Swift answering fan mail Part 2. (Part 1)

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I think the actual truth of the matter is that being 17 has been sort of an obstacle, just in proving yourself to radio and proving yourself to middle-aged people listening to the radio. It’s just a number on my birth certificate. But I’m very respectful of that number, you know?”

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Taylor Swift; THE RED ERA (highlights)