When I was a teenager, I felt like we were always being stereotyped as being very intense, and dramatic, and passionate, and hopelessly romantic, and excitable... I hope you never lose those things.

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Boy faints after being touched by queen taylorswift

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4 eras of Love Story 

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I’ve been careful in love. I’ve been careless in love. And I’ve had adventures I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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taylorswift single covers redone

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Started from the bottom, now I’m here. taylorswift

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I read other people stories about meeting Taylor or going to her concerts and it’s just like I LIVE IN THE FUCKING PLACE IN THE WORLD NOBODY WANTS TO COME N WHY THE FUCK MY PARENTS GIVE ME BIRTH HERE LIKE WHY

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1989 era (so far) [taylorswift]

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is out of the woods as good as theyre hyping it up to be


i feel everyone is expecting out of the woods to be some crash and burn heartbreak song. it’s not. it’s not like a dear john or last kiss. i also feel like the line about hitting the brakes too soon is giving people some idea that the song is just gonna be SAD but it’s upbeat (not as upbeat as some of the songs) but it’s definitely not a SAD song